My Mannequins


Is a picture book about dreaming...

The time is the mid-1940's, the place is the garment district on Toronto's Spadina Ave. where 10-year old Dora helps out after school in her father's dressmaking shop. Day after day, as she folds endless dress boxes, she talks to the mannequins in the window.


One evening when Papa is working late, Dora drapes the mannequins in colourful scarves and hats made from scraps and lo and behold...the customers love them!


Gallinger's realistic illustrations create a strong sense of postwar Toronto.

CITY Parent - Inside Stories - Barbara Greenwood


Illustrations by Patty Gallinger

Story by Sydell Waxman 


Published by Dundurn Press Limited 





Our Choice Seal for one of the best Canadian Children's Books - Canadian Children's Book Centre

Reproduction of all images is prohibited without express authorization by the illustrator.


© Patty Gallinger

My Books

E-Book format 2013

Also available in hardcover


E-Book format 2013

Also available in softcover



"Gallinger's attention to period detail is surperb - is so vivid that it

almost comes to life."

(My Mannequins picture book)

L. Wytenbroek, Teacher - Malaspina University College

- Canadian Children's Literature Magazine


"Beautifully illustrated, the illustrations and the text capture the whole

flavour of that time."

(My Mannequins) picture book

Michele Landsberg - Columnist for the Toronto Star


"Burlington Illustrator Patty Gallinger's illustrations are richly detailed and

glow with an inner warmth." 

(Yesterday's Santa and the Chanukah Miracle) picture book

Gary Curtis and Lee Prokaska - The Hamilton Spectator - Weekend Kids Section






© Patty Gallinger

© 2013 by Patty Gallinger


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